About PureDosage Website

We’ve created PureDosage to give people a reliable starting point when they’re researching and considering the use of cannabidiol.

As a Certified health coach from Dr. Sears Wellness Institute and PureDosage owner and developer, Mark B. York wanted to assist people exploring the potential of CBD hemp oil after his experiences using this substance to relieve his own chronic health issues.

We’re here to serve as your CBD information resource. Our aim is to connect people with the most current, balanced, and useful details on cannabidiol, including recent research, news stories, and essential sourcing and purchasing information. 

We know there is a ton of talk about CBD oil online but not all of it is trustworthy or helpful. One of our goals is to dispel misinformation and misunderstanding of what cannabidiol can and cannot do, as well as what you should know before you decide to try it.

We want to help our site visitors determine whether CBD makes sense for their needs and what they should to do when choosing a supplier, brand, or specific product.